Plant Protein 101

Let's talk about all things plant protein, doing some vegan myth-busting for World Vegan Month. Check out the Plant Protein 101 Facebook Live replay here, and my summary notes below: Plant Protein 101 - World Vegan Month live on Facebook Nov 17 2020 Where do you get your protein? It's one of the most … Continue reading Plant Protein 101

Adapting to STRESStember and Beyond!

I love fall. I love the crunchy leaves underfoot and the more comfortable temperatures (hello again, my beloved hoodie collection!). What I don't love... is the spike in stress that often comes with this particular change in seasons. Being a lifelong student as well as a nutrition professional means I see it in myself and … Continue reading Adapting to STRESStember and Beyond!

What I’ve Learned Camping on Plants

My first experiences with camping date back to when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old, at my uncle’s cottage in the country. I remember being carsick on the way there, Sam the stuffed Basset hound in my fists, and my elder cousin, a wise 7-year-old, telling me there were snakes under the bridge and … Continue reading What I’ve Learned Camping on Plants

Comfort Food Grows Up [Local Product Feature, Part 1]

I’ve written about comfort food before. So you likely know that I’m not opposed to including a handful of favourites in your meal repertoire for those rainy afternoons, those #selfcaresaturdays, those “just ‘cause” moments.