[Recipe Post] GF Vegan Flax Irish Soda Bread

When I was growing up, many a St Patrick's Day would see my mother bake an Irish soda bread to go with dinner. Years later, after I went vegan, I looked for an easy recipe to make myself. And now some more years later, my partner needs more gluten-free items, so I decided to try … Continue reading [Recipe Post] GF Vegan Flax Irish Soda Bread

Hormones & Dairy

I didn't know I was sensitive to dairy. I just knew I loved cheese and enjoyed a tall glass of milk with every meal. I got BabyBels and CheeseStrings in my school lunches and Kraft Dinner that I dressed up with a LOT of extra cheese at home. I grew up with the slogans "Milk Does a … Continue reading Hormones & Dairy