LoveBites: Seed Cycling

Seed cycling! Who's doing it? Who wants to know more about it? This is one of many tools in your arsenal for helping rein in estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones involved in balancing your menstrual cycle, like testosterone, FSH, and LH. Seeds typically used for this: flax & pumpkin for days 1-14 or follicular phase; sunflower & … Continue reading LoveBites: Seed Cycling

PCOS Might Break Your Heart – What Can You Do?

February is Heart Month. What does that have to do with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) or plant-based living? Simply put, people with PCOS are at a greater risk of developing other metabolic disorders, including insulin resistance, diabetes, thyroid imbalance, and heart disease. Plant-based diets are a growing phenomenon not just for their environmental impact, but their studied … Continue reading PCOS Might Break Your Heart – What Can You Do?

LoveBites: A Mess of Goodness for your Hormones + Recipe

What is this mess of goodness? Roasted cauliflower with lemon garlic ginger tahini sauce and red & white quinoa topped with chives. This is a hormone-helping powerhouse meal! 💪😋 ✔ cauliflower is a member of the Brassica family of veggies, which is known for its high content of glucosinolates, including xenoestrogen-zapping indole-3-carbinol (I3C) ✔ sesame seeds (tahini) are high in anti-inflammatory omega-6, … Continue reading LoveBites: A Mess of Goodness for your Hormones + Recipe

LoveBites: Eat Yo Veggies

Your friendly reminder to not rule out fresh-prepared and frozen fruit & veg. They are amazing time-savers in the kitchen, especially if you find yourself frequently slammed with fatigue, cramps, sadness, or other PMS symptoms you have to deal with, on top of needing something to eat, on top of worrying if that something is even healthy. If you're … Continue reading LoveBites: Eat Yo Veggies