Hormones & Dairy

I didn't know I was sensitive to dairy. I just knew I loved cheese and enjoyed a tall glass of milk with every meal. I got BabyBels and CheeseStrings in my school lunches and Kraft Dinner that I dressed up with a LOT of extra cheese at home. I grew up with the slogans "Milk Does a … Continue reading Hormones & Dairy

LoveBites: Strawberry PB&J Nice Cream [Recipe Post]

This. Was. SO. Good. Healthy, homemade, low-sugar, high-protein frozen yogourt! Strawberry PB&J Nice Cream 🍨 1 cup frozen sliced strawberries 🍨 enough unsw cashew milk to not quite cover the berries (about 2/3 cup - tbh I didn't measure, I poured to the 250ml line with the berries!) 🍨 1/2 serving Prairie Naturals cafe caramel … Continue reading LoveBites: Strawberry PB&J Nice Cream [Recipe Post]