LoveBites: 2 Easy Ways to Slow Down

"Sometimes you need to slow down to eventually go faster." ~Robin Sharma How do you slow down? What does that look like? When was the last time you actually did? If it's been a while, here are a couple of ways you can try to slow down today: Start with the breath. Check in on … Continue reading LoveBites: 2 Easy Ways to Slow Down

LoveBites: Try Approving of Yourself

"You've been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens." ~Louise Hay Not sure where to start?┬áTry remembering the best compliments you've ever received. Visualize what it was like when it was said to you. Now, if you downplayed or rejected it ("it was nothing" or "no … Continue reading LoveBites: Try Approving of Yourself

LoveBites: Take Care of Yourself!

So often, I get wrapped up in taking care of other people, animals, projects... but not myself. "You can't pour from an empty cup," I say, but my own cup runs low. From time to time it helps to remind myself to refill! Here's how you can refill your cup too: ­čś┤ sleep! Aim for … Continue reading LoveBites: Take Care of Yourself!

LoveBites: Meditation

Who's up for some lunchtime meditation?┬áTake a few moments now (bonus if you're just sitting down and haven't started eating yet). Choose one of these mantras to hold in your mind: All situations are temporary. There is no wrong decision. I've survived all of the difficult moments of my past. Be still and know. I … Continue reading LoveBites: Meditation

LoveBites: Stress Management

You know that┬ástress management┬áis important for your health. But what does that really mean? What can you do to reduce┬ástress day-to-day? Find ways to manage and reduce stress that are also in line with keeping you healthy. Coping mechanisms that are fun while they're happening but ultimately leave you hurting (e.g. the morning after, sure, … Continue reading LoveBites: Stress Management