[Recipe Post] Lion’s Mane Brain Power Slushy

Who loves lion's mane? This girl! I'm excited to try this drink mix from Botanica Health! Have you tried it? Lion's mane is a mushroom that's considered nootropic - great for brain function. It may help boost focus and concentration, and may even help with nerve healing! I love it for heavy work days when … Continue reading [Recipe Post] Lion’s Mane Brain Power Slushy

LoveBites: Meditation

Who's up for some lunchtime meditation? Take a few moments now (bonus if you're just sitting down and haven't started eating yet). Choose one of these mantras to hold in your mind: All situations are temporary. There is no wrong decision. I've survived all of the difficult moments of my past. Be still and know. I … Continue reading LoveBites: Meditation

Comfort Food Grows Up [Local Product Feature, Part 1]

I’ve written about comfort food before. So you likely know that I’m not opposed to including a handful of favourites in your meal repertoire for those rainy afternoons, those #selfcaresaturdays, those “just ‘cause” moments.

[Recipe Post] Lower Cortisol with Dessert? Yes Please!

De-stressing dessert? Of course!
Check out my latest recipe that will help satisfy your taste buds, feed your friendly gut bugs, and help you to relax and de-stress.
You’re welcome!