[Recipe Post] Lion’s Mane Brain Power Slushy

Who loves lion's mane? This girl! I'm excited to try this drink mix from Botanica Health! Have you tried it? Lion's mane is a mushroom that's considered nootropic - great for brain function. It may help boost focus and concentration, and may even help with nerve healing! I love it for heavy work days when … Continue reading [Recipe Post] Lion’s Mane Brain Power Slushy

LoveBites: Meditation

Who's up for some lunchtime meditation? Take a few moments now (bonus if you're just sitting down and haven't started eating yet). Choose one of these mantras to hold in your mind: All situations are temporary. There is no wrong decision. I've survived all of the difficult moments of my past. Be still and know. I … Continue reading LoveBites: Meditation

Comfort Food Grows Up [Local Product Feature, Part 1]

I’ve written about comfort food before. So you likely know that I’m not opposed to including a handful of favourites in your meal repertoire for those rainy afternoons, those #selfcaresaturdays, those “just ‘cause” moments.

LoveBites: Eat Yo Veggies

Your friendly reminder to not rule out fresh-prepared and frozen fruit & veg. They are amazing time-savers in the kitchen, especially if you find yourself frequently slammed with fatigue, cramps, sadness, or other PMS symptoms you have to deal with, on top of needing something to eat, on top of worrying if that something is even healthy. If you're … Continue reading LoveBites: Eat Yo Veggies