Hormones & Dairy

I didn't know I was sensitive to dairy. I just knew I loved cheese and enjoyed a tall glass of milk with every meal. I got BabyBels and CheeseStrings in my school lunches and Kraft Dinner that I dressed up with a LOT of extra cheese at home. I grew up with the slogans "Milk Does a … Continue reading Hormones & Dairy

Plant Protein 101

Let's talk about all things plant protein, doing some vegan myth-busting for World Vegan Month. Check out the Plant Protein 101 Facebook Live replay here, and my summary notes below: https://youtu.be/c9K1wIfnDU8 Plant Protein 101 - World Vegan Month live on Facebook Nov 17 2020 Where do you get your protein? It's one of the most … Continue reading Plant Protein 101

The Protein-Hormone Connection and How It Involves Chocolate

I love chocolate. If I had to live on one flavour forever, I feel like I'd be perfectly content choosing chocolate. Loving chocolate and craving chocolate are not the same creature. For the first week of World Vegan Month, I've been focusing on plant protein and how to get enough. Now I'm going to take … Continue reading The Protein-Hormone Connection and How It Involves Chocolate