It’s PMDD & IBS Awareness Month – But What Could These Disorders Have in Common?

Gut health! Okay, that's the short answer... April is both PMDD and IBS Awareness Month. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is largely debilitating, making it extremely difficult or even impossible to get through everyday tasks, affecting work and relationships. It includes acute and intense symptoms in the days to weeks prior to and/or during menstruation: feelings of hopelessness … Continue reading It’s PMDD & IBS Awareness Month – But What Could These Disorders Have in Common?

Comfort Food Grows Up [Local Product Feature, Part 1]

I’ve written about comfort food before. So you likely know that I’m not opposed to including a handful of favourites in your meal repertoire for those rainy afternoons, those #selfcaresaturdays, those “just ‘cause” moments.

LoveBites: Drinking Yo Calories

March is National Nutrition Month! I have a ton of stuff planned for you over the next 4 weeks... First up: you may have heard "don't drink your calories". And for the most part, it's true - we consume far too many calories from a variety of beverages throughout the day. But consider what those … Continue reading LoveBites: Drinking Yo Calories

LoveBites: Eat Yo Veggies

Your friendly reminder to not rule out fresh-prepared and frozen fruit & veg. They are amazing time-savers in the kitchen, especially if you find yourself frequently slammed with fatigue, cramps, sadness, or other PMS symptoms you have to deal with, on top of needing something to eat, on top of worrying if that something is even healthy. If you're … Continue reading LoveBites: Eat Yo Veggies

[Recipe Post] A Healthy Hormone-Lovin’ Mexican Poutine

What do you get when you want sweet potatoes, broccoli, and cashew cheese? In this case, I made... a healthy Mexican poutine? Whatever it was, it was a delicious way to eat my colours and get a good range of hormone-healthy antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats. Cut 1 medium sweet potato into fries and toss in a little avocado oil, sea salt, … Continue reading [Recipe Post] A Healthy Hormone-Lovin’ Mexican Poutine

Skin Illuminated: 7 Health Hacks

Last week, I shared a #nofilter selfie on Instagram. I've been receiving compliments on my skin for some time now, including from strangers who speculate that I must use X skin product or Y supplement and that's why it's so nice. Having grown up with teasing for my skin problems (as well as my general … Continue reading Skin Illuminated: 7 Health Hacks