What is Metabolism? + Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bowl

This word β€œmetabolism” is thrown around a lot.

You know that if yours is too slow, you might gain weight.Β  But what exactly does this all mean? Continue reading “What is Metabolism? + Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bowl”


[Recipe Post] Avocados Everywhere…

… except in my house. 6 recipes for those of you more fortunate than I. Continue reading “[Recipe Post] Avocados Everywhere…”

WHAT? I MISSED International Chocolate Day??

I love chocolate. Back in the day I thought it was going to be so hard to be vegan knowing I might never have chocolate again.

BUT then I discovered that it is possible to have compassion for all animals AND eat my sumptuous chocolate cake with velvety ganache frosting too. Continue reading “WHAT? I MISSED International Chocolate Day??”