LPFL 5-Day Plant-Powered Hormone Foundations Challenge

Get ready to transform your hormone health as you learn how to stock your pantry with hormone-friendly plant-powered staples!


A free 100% plant-based Challenge, guiding you to stock your pantry (and fridge/freezer) with all the staples you need for your hormone-healthy, plant-powered path.

Our philosophy is an anti-inflammatory, refined sugar-free, “healthy fats FTW” whole-food plant-based approach that focuses on improving overall hormone balance – whether your main issue is stress and anxiety, unpredictable menstrual cycles, or feeling hangry all the time!

This Challenge runs live once a month (2021).

Learn more here, enroll/join our waitlist, and let’s get started!

LPFL 21-Day Sweet Enough Smoothie Challenge for Hangry People

Tame cramps. Slay cravings. Feel awesome.

IMG_20181105_112127_319My flagship challenge gives you the basics of building a super smoothie to keep you full until lunchtime – without getting sleepy, cranky, or hangry. You’ll also learn to choose ingredients that best support your health needs:

  • to keep your blood sugar stable
  • to nurture your own natural hormone function
  • to keep insulin, cortisol, and sex hormones humming along at every point in your hormonal cycle

Learn more here and let’s get started!

LPFL 5-Day Sugar Breakup

Sugar, we need to talk. It’s not me, it’s you.


This popular challenge is short and sweet to get you on track to redefining the terms of your relationship with sugar. Over the course of 5 days I’ll give you the tools you need for this conscious uncoupling with candy, pastries, desserts, and other sweet nothings so you can move on to achieve your health goals.

Ready to dump sugar?

Learn more here and let’s get started!