[Recipe Post] Cafe Brunch Smoothie Bowl

Sunday mornings are for smoothie bowl brunches! This chocolate peanut butter one features fresh market raspberries and Hippie Mylk's new oat milk from the Westboro farmers' market! In the smoothie base: - 1 banana - 1 cup Hippie Mylk oat milk - 1 serving Prairie Naturals cafe caramel rice protein - 1 serving Botanica chocolate greens … Continue reading [Recipe Post] Cafe Brunch Smoothie Bowl

[Recipe Post] Lion’s Mane Brain Power Slushy

Who loves lion's mane? This girl! I'm excited to try this drink mix from Botanica Health! Have you tried it? Lion's mane is a mushroom that's considered nootropic - great for brain function. It may help boost focus and concentration, and may even help with nerve healing! I love it for heavy work days when … Continue reading [Recipe Post] Lion’s Mane Brain Power Slushy

LoveBites: Smoothie Bowls are Warrior Fuel

When the lovely people at Raw Elements generously send you a big ol tub of berry Warrior Blend and ask you to give it a try, you make a glorious super berry smoothie bowl!! [affiliate post]

LoveBites: Drinking Yo Calories

March is National Nutrition Month! I have a ton of stuff planned for you over the next 4 weeks... First up: you may have heard "don't drink your calories". And for the most part, it's true - we consume far too many calories from a variety of beverages throughout the day. But consider what those … Continue reading LoveBites: Drinking Yo Calories

Finding Self-Care in Food Trends

I'm like you. I scroll through my Instagram feed, double-tapping lovely photos and those with lovely captions, inspired by all the pretty things and places, words and FOOD. With so many people sharing snapshots of their day-to-day lives and the lives to which they aspire, disseminated virtually everywhere in seconds, social trends crop up and … Continue reading Finding Self-Care in Food Trends