PCOS Month part 5: PCOS & Changes That Stick

Replay of Facebook/Instagram live weekly PCOS Month series. Part 5 (finale): PCOS & Changes That Stick - Oct 1 2021 https://youtu.be/1wSy-NtdHtg Transcript: Welcome to the series finale of the PCOS Awareness Month live series! This is part 5, and we’re talking about making the changes that stick. So first, to recap: symptoms can include irregular … Continue reading PCOS Month part 5: PCOS & Changes That Stick

LoveBites: Eat Yo Veggies

Your friendly reminder to not rule out fresh-prepared and frozen fruit & veg. They are amazing time-savers in the kitchen, especially if you find yourself frequently slammed with fatigue, cramps, sadness, or other PMS symptoms you have to deal with, on top of needing something to eat, on top of worrying if that something is even healthy. If you're … Continue reading LoveBites: Eat Yo Veggies

[Recipe Post] A Healthy Hormone-Lovin’ Mexican Poutine

What do you get when you want sweet potatoes, broccoli, and cashew cheese? In this case, I made... a healthy Mexican poutine? Whatever it was, it was a delicious way to eat my colours and get a good range of hormone-healthy antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats. Cut 1 medium sweet potato into fries and toss in a little avocado oil, sea salt, … Continue reading [Recipe Post] A Healthy Hormone-Lovin’ Mexican Poutine