LoveBites: Take Care of Yourself!

So often, I get wrapped up in taking care of other people, animals, projects... but not myself. "You can't pour from an empty cup," I say, but my own cup runs low. From time to time it helps to remind myself to refill! Here's how you can refill your cup too: šŸ˜“ sleep! Aim for … Continue reading LoveBites: Take Care of Yourself!

LoveBites: Stress Management

You know thatĀ stress managementĀ is important for your health. But what does that really mean? What can you do to reduceĀ stress day-to-day? Find ways to manage and reduce stress that are also in line with keeping you healthy. Coping mechanisms that are fun while they're happening but ultimately leave you hurting (e.g. the morning after, sure, … Continue reading LoveBites: Stress Management

LoveBites: A Goal is Something to Aim At

Setting a goal gives you something to strive for.Ā It encourages you to move forward and do the work to even approach the vicinity of achieving it. Sure, it may not turn out the way you thought or hoped - but imagine the gains you might make in the process. Consider a goal like "lose weight". … Continue reading LoveBites: A Goal is Something to Aim At

Finding Self-Care in Food Trends

I'm like you. I scroll through my Instagram feed, double-tapping lovely photos and those with lovely captions, inspired by all the pretty things and places, words and FOOD. With so many people sharing snapshots of their day-to-day lives and the lives to which they aspire, disseminated virtually everywhere in seconds, social trends crop up and … Continue reading Finding Self-Care in Food Trends