You read that right. Chocolate is encouraged in my programs.

Okay, that might not be a surprising reveal. But since it’s World Chocolate Day (yay!), why do I include chocolate when pulling together recipes for my clients and followers?

One major reason I’m into chocolate for health: cacao – especially raw cacao – from which quality chocolate is made is a rich source of antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids that also contribute to good mood.

But that’s not the only reason!

Most often, my clients come to me looking for ways to help reduce stress while also improving their hormone balance. Comfort foods actually play a big role in how we reduce stress together, and I’m definitely not about removing all pleasure from your life – quite the opposite.

The number 1 comfort food that so many of you love is chocolate, in its many forms! And it helps to know that it has benefits beyond just its delicious and satisfying flavour. Including chocolate while you’re taking steps to improve your health, knowing that it’s not forbidden and you can still enjoy it wholeheartedly, is important for sustaining those changes long after our work together is done. This is real life – I know I wouldn’t want to go without chocolate forever!

The key, though, is in choosing quality chocolate more often when you do have some. No matter what kind you prefer – milk/”mylk”, dark, or white – choosing minimal ingredients with as little sugar as possible is a step toward better choices than cheap chocolate candy, which may be full of processed oil and other fillers as well as extra sugar.

Along these lines, strong cravings for chocolate may indicate a need for more magnesium or protein (raw cacao is, again, a great source of magnesium as well as mood-boosting amino acids like tryptophan).

For World Chocolate Day, grab this amazing chocolate-for-breakfast recipe that covers your chocolate cravings while also providing protein!


I’ve enjoyed these Brownie Protein Pancakes as a special treat on weekends, but they would be great batch-prepped and kept in the fridge for quick weekday breakfasts throughout the week too!

Tip: double or triple the recipe, then take out a couple as needed, reheating in your toaster (I use my toaster’s bagel setting) to serve.

Download the Brownie Protein Pancakes recipe card here

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