So often, I get wrapped up in taking care of other people, animals, projects… but not myself. “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” I say, but my own cup runs low. From time to time it helps to remind myself to refill! Here’s how you can refill your cup too:

😴 sleep! Aim for at least 7 hours and a regular bed/wake time.

🥑 eat well! Protein + fat + carbs at each meal and snack, whole foods, and eat the rainbow – plus your nutritionist can help you further define what’s right for you.

🏋️‍♀️ exercise! Walk more, choose a fun workout you enjoy, schedule it in and keep that appointment.

🤔 don’t compare! Everyone is on their own path – no more comparing your starting point with someone else’s midway.

🎶 do what you love! Making time for passions and hobbies is restorative.

💅 pamper yourself! A bath, a day curled up with a book… it doesn’t have to be a splurge.

📱 ask for help! Talk to someone – such as a therapist, a trusted friend, or your nutritionist! – for feedback, accountability, and support.

What will you try today?

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