Who’s up for some lunchtime meditation? Take a few moments now (bonus if you’re just sitting down and haven’t started eating yet). Choose one of these mantras to hold in your mind:

  1. All situations are temporary.
  2. There is no wrong decision.
  3. I’ve survived all of the difficult moments of my past.
  4. Be still and know.
  5. I trust the guidance of the Universe.

Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Take a deep breath through your nose into your belly. Release tension in your shoulders. Exhale slowly.

When you breathe in again, repeat the mantra to yourself. On the exhale imagine releasing tension, anxiety, stress in a flow of energy through your mouth.

Continue this for 5-10 cycles of breathing, repeating your chosen mantra(s) each inhale. When you’re done, have a gentle stretch, open your eyes and go forward with your day, hopefully feeling a little lighter!


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