When the lovely people at Raw Elements generously send you a big ol tub of berry Warrior Blend and ask you to give it a try, you make a glorious super berry smoothie bowl!! 😍💜
In this bowl:
🍓 6 large strawberries (*half in the smoothie, half sliced for topping*)
🍓 10 blackberries (*4 in the smoothie, 6 for topping*)
🍓 1/2 cup frozen mango
🍓 1/3 cup unsweetened coconut milk yogourt
🍓 1 scoop berry SunWarrior Warrior Blend protein
🍓 1 scoop berry greens (optional)
🍓 2 tsp maqui or acai berry powder (optional)
🍓 1 tsp matcha powder
🍓 any other superfood powders/liquids you might like (I added Four Sigmatic lion’s mane powder)
🍓 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

🍓 blackberries and sliced strawberries (*as above*)
🍓 chia seeds
🍓 hemp hearts
🍓 cacao nibs
🍓 shredded coconut
🍓 pumpkin seeds
🍓 any other nuts, seeds, granola, or fruit you might like

Blend everything but your toppings (it should be on the thick side; stir in some chia seeds if too thin), pour into a big bowl, and add toppings. Serve and yum.

I usually taste test all proteins with unsweetened almond milk.

Warrior Blend is one of my fave protein powders – and I’ve tried A LOT. I’ve shared previously that berry proteins are definitely NOT my fave, but this one actually tastes pleasantly like goji berries. The protein blend itself is amazing because it uses some of the most hypoallergenic ingredients, such as hemp, goji, and coconut, and it supplies 1/3 of your day’s iron – which is fantastic for menstruators and vegheads as well as athletes.

What should I make next with this protein powder? I’m thinking chocolate raspberry protein balls… or maybe pancakes…??

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