Stay in Bed… All Night Long (for the Other Good Reason)

Do you feel like you’ve had a messy breakup with sleeping through the night?

Are you feeling exhausted or basically running on fumes all day?

Keep reading! I have some great tips (and an amazing recipe) to help you stay in bed all night long… for the other good reason. *ah-wink* Continue reading “Stay in Bed… All Night Long (for the Other Good Reason)”

LoveBites: Stress Management

You know that stress management is important for your health. But what does that really mean? What can you do to reduce stress day-to-day?

Find ways to manage and reduce stress that are also in line with keeping you healthy. Coping mechanisms that are fun while they’re happening but ultimately leave you hurting (e.g. the morning after, sure, but also cumulatively in the future) contribute to the stress on your body.

So what ARE some healthy ways?

‚úĒ¬†yoga¬†and gentle movement
‚úĒ¬†meditation¬†and visualization
‚úĒ journaling
‚úĒ making time for creative expression
‚úĒ massage¬†therapy
‚úĒ warm baths with¬†Epsom salts
‚úĒ loving sex¬†– both partnered and solo
‚úĒ¬†time with friends¬†– but only if you’re not already feeling over-peopled
‚úĒ mindful¬†eating and drinking – taking time to savour¬†the indulgence
‚úĒ¬†choosing more foods with high¬†antioxidant¬†content and¬†anti-inflammatory¬†properties on a daily basis –¬†eat the rainbow!

There are many more healthy ways to manage stress. What are your favourites? What will you try?

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LoveBites: Drinking Yo Calories

March is National Nutrition Month! I have a ton of stuff planned for you over the next 4 weeks…

First up: you may have heard “don’t drink your calories”. And for the most part, it’s true – we consume far too many calories from a variety of beverages throughout the day.

But consider what those calories actually consist of.

If we’re having coffee or tea with sugar (and a lot of us are also getting them with flavour syrups, whip, and toppings…), processed juice (or “fruit/juice drink”) and “smoothies” that are made of more sorbet/ice cream and sugar than they are real fruit & veg, pop, beer, wine, mead, Klingon bloodwine… then we’re just adding calories and a shit-ton of sugar and additives with little benefit to show for it (besides tasting good).

That said, there are 2 sides to this. Choosing fresh-prepared, cold-pressed juice or smoothies made with high-quality, nutrient dense produce can be a great way to getting a lot of nutrients and antioxidants into your system quickly.

It’s a balancing act… namely, a¬†macronutrient-balancing¬†act.

Do you need to watch what you drink?

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