… except in my house. 6 recipes for those of you more fortunate than I.

If you’ve been following my socials at least for the last 2 weeks, you know that I spent a few days in San Francisco. I was so happy to go on vacation and be able to EAT.

But naturally, going on vacation means clearing out all the fresh food in the house. So when you come back, you don’t have moldering piles of old produce waiting in your fruit bowl.

Spot the avo-meme.

I got my avocado fix before leaving home. I definitely got my avocado fix in SF.

But despite picking up some groceries here and there over the last week, there are still NO AVOCADOS IN THE HOUSE.

No guac. No avotoast. No yummy winter Buddha bowls crowned with an avocado half diced in the skin.

As I lament my lack of avoliciousness, I’ve compiled a recipe roundup from the Recipe Box over on our sister site saragalipeau.ca loaded with avogoodness. If you’re fortunate to coexist with plentiful avocados in your home, maybe – just maybe – you can use one of my recipes in my stead.

#avocadoseverywhere recipe roundup:

Super Simple Avocado Toast Two Waysimg_20170112_094212_220 Savoury, spicy, salty vs. sweet, rich, tangy. Mmm. Try them both here.

Green Goddess Mint Matcha Smoothiegreen goddess crop Feel like a radiant, energetic goddess with brain- and energy-boosting matcha, healthy fats, B vitamins, and electrolytes. Get your glow on here.

Lemon Basil Avocado PastaIMG_20160429_194433 So rich, so creamy, so zesty. Refresh your tastebuds here.

Summer Strawberry Romance SmoothieDSC02229 Strawberries + avocado + a hint of chocolate and mint = summer love. (At least to me.) Reminisce about summer lovin’ here.

Avocado Lemon Coriander Salad-in-a-Jar with Turmeric Quinoa20140903_094558 Pack a workweek lunch full of flavour, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants to get you past the 3pm slump. Dump the slump here.

Lime Matcha Mint Chip Pudding

matcha mint choc chip pudding crop Refreshing, creamy pudding – that you can eat for breakfast. What’s not to love? Have dessert for breakfast guilt-free here.

And now, fortunate fellow avocado-worshiper, go forth and enjoy your avocados while I cannot. And hope that soon I’ll join you once again in the ranks of those consuming avocados aplenty.

My new free LPFL 5-Day Sugar Breakup features a few more delicious low-sugar recipes that include avocado, such as Toona (Jackfruit) Avocado Salad and Chocolate Avocado Pudding. Breakup with sugar here.

What’s your favourite avocado recipe? Share in the comments below!

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